Building the future of sustainable Digital Infrastructure

Establishing and developing the next generation of hardware and software solutions for Energy, High Performance Computing and Web 3

Our Mission

Accelerate the digital and energy transitions by leveraging emerging technologies.

Our Vision

We believe in a future where clean energy powers a sustainable and digitized global ecosystem.

Our Core Focus

High Performance Computing

Our Pricinples

Passionate Team
Unique Expertise

International Presence

Data Centers

North Holland, the Netherlands
South Holland, the Netherlands
Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine
Alberta, Canada
Wyoming, USA
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Finnmark, Norway

Business Centers

Zug, Switzerland
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Dubai, UAE

Our Team

Carlos Reuven
Chief Strategy Officer
Jonathan Glender
Chief Executive Officer
Yoni Fishman
Chief Operating Officer
Core Team
Ivan Savchenko
Chief Technology Officer
Jelmer ten Wolde
Head of Mining
Oleksandr Popovychenko
Senior Electrical Engineer
Vasyl Shlonchak
Senior Financial Analyst
Konstantin Globets
MEP Engineering Manager
Co ten Wolde
Business Development Manager
Bart Boeren
Operations Manager
Vlad Puhalskii
Product Owner
Anna Klimchuk
HR Manager
Lucie Mattis
Nikita Savchenko
Front-End Developer
Olha Huzak


Our Group
GREENTECH is a sustainable energy and computing company pioneering immersion cooling and waste heat re-use.
Visit Here
Electricity efficiency solutions designed to reduce power costs of industrial users by
Sustainable bitcoin mining company with energy first strategy.
SwissPool is a leading Bitcoin mining pool, offering secure, transparent, and eco-friendly mining solutions tailored for established businesses, energy companies, and institutional miners.
Our Partners

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We welcome collaboration opportunities and are dedicated to establishing and developing the next generation of hardware and software solutions for Energy, High-Performance Computing, and Web 3.
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