Building the future of

sustainable digital


Building the future of sustainable digital infrastructure

We establish Data Centers and develop next-generation solutions in High-Performance Computing, Web3 and Energy

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North Holland, the Netherlands
South Holland, the Netherlands
Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine
Alberta, Canada
Wyoming, USA
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Finnmark, Norway

Business Centers

Zug, Switzerland
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Dubai, UAE
Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
Miami, USA

Why Ecodigital?

Global reach
International presence
Multidisciplinary Team
Passionate with distinguished track records
Unique Expertise
Combined knowledge in digital infrastructure and energy
Practical Mindset
Consistent and transformational development
Innovation Pioneers
Cutting-edge solutions to Energy challages
Sustainability Believers
Driving the transition to a greener world

Our Media Presence

New data center in the Netherlands 🇳🇱!

Excited to announce the launch of our latest 1.8MW data center providing all of its waste heat to a leading greenhouse partner growing peppers sustainably
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Engineered Fluids Partners with GREENTECH Technologies

We're witnessing an unprecedented surge in demand for harnessing waste heat from data centers. GREENTECH Technologies leads the way in pioneering heat recovery solutions for computing.
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MOBIELEN REKENCONTAINER: Introducing The Greenbox: Revolutionizing Sustainable Data Farming

Brought to you by Greentech Technologies, The Greenbox is making waves as the epitome of eco-friendly innovation in the realm of data farming
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The Energy Paradigm Shift in Data Centers

The journey towards a sustainable digital society is upon us, yet the soaring energy demands of data centers pose a significant challenge.
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Turning Challenges into Opportunities: How Data Centers Can Enhance Renewable Energy Assets

EcoDigital appears to be focusing on improving the efficiency and financial viability of renewable energy projects by leveraging flexible Data Center loads.
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Energy Tech Summit

Gathering leading experts annually to address the practical challenges of the global shift to cleaner energy is a proactive approach.
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West Mining Partnership

Partnering with CSD Energy Advisors, GREENTECH Technologies AG, and Sangha Systems demonstrates a strong commitment to innovation and Sustainable Energy Solutions.
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Showcasing our GREENBOX

Presenting our GreenBox! This innovative solution exemplifies our commitment to sustainable energy
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